Welcome to FriendsOnTheRange !

Jim Ganahl and Carol Booth have been playing music together since 1995. They live on the shores of Lake Vermilion in northern Minnesota not too far from the Iron Range. Jim plays the accordion and the trumpet and the concertina and the didgeridoo, and Carol plays the piano and the concertina. They both sing. They write songs together. Their musical repertoire includes everything from Irish jigs to cowboy songs.

Carol and Jim call themselves FriendsOnTheRange when they play music with various friends in a larger ensemble. FriendsOnTheRange provides musical entertainment for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, funerals, and other social occasions and celebrations. Jim and Carol have both learned the unique skill of playing a tune and calling a dance at the same time. Their dance programs are designed to meet the special requirements of each group of dancers. All dances are taught. No experience is necessary.
From 1998 to 2010 FriendsOnTheRange was the house band for the Home On The Range Community Dance Association. Home On The Range sponsored more than one hundred community dances in Ely, Tower, Virginia, Hibbing, Grand Rapids, International Falls, and Brimson.

Jim and Carol have posted several of their songs on YouTube. Check them out below!
Carol and Jim/Cowgirl I Am
Carol and Jim/My Little Dog
Carol and Jim/My Little Cat
Carol and Jim/My ZYXs
Carol and Jim/Two Spoons
Carol and Jim/Bread
And join them in song with this tune!

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Cook, Minnesota 55723