Sing along with us - the words and sheet music are included below.
On this day: A Song for the Winter Solstice
We're Carol and Jim. The name of our band is FriendsOnTheRange. We've written a new song to celebrate the Winter Solstice. Please sing our song with us and then pass it along to your family and friends. On our web site ( you can find more information including sheet music and lyrics.
When we made this video, we should have used a darker background, of course, but we wanted to show you the snow falling from the sky and the birds coming to the feeder.
Here in Northern Minnesota the winter solstice has genuine significance. On December 21, 2020, our sun will rise at 7:57 in the morning, and it will set at 4:21 in the afternoon. That's less than eight and a half hours of daylight. That's almost sixteen hours of darkness. The challenge of living through the winter isn't really the cold and the ice and the snow. We know how to stay warm in winter by wearing the right clothes, and we know how to enjoy being outside by skiing on the snow and skating on the ice. The lack of sunlight is the real problem. And so, on the Winter Solstice we are "joyful for the sun's returning" because each day will be a few minutes longer and each night will be a few minutes shorter until Spring comes again "with the hope of life bestowing".

Sheet Music for the Solstice Song
Solstice Song Text